Northeast International (NEI) has been sourcing component products and managing the global supply chain process for US-based manufacturers and distributors since 1998.

Our company started with one customer, a furniture manufacturer who was sourcing high volumes of hardware from overseas — with poor quality and a big price tag. He reached out to NEI founder Daniel Glick, who then attended a trade event in Guangzhou, China, with the furniture parts and specs he needed to source successfully (which he did).

Today, NEI continues to add more US manufacturers to our customer list and expand the types of products we commonly source from across Asia:

• Construction Materials
• Building Supplies
• Furniture Parts
• Fastening Components
• Storage Displays – Metal and Wood
• Specialty Boxes & Crates – Metal and Wood
• Additional Products per Customer Specifications

   Commitment to Quality

The relationships we’ve established with our trusted suppliers, and our unique ability to translate the cultural nuances across the countries where we do business, are key factors behind our growth and the success our customers have achieved. And with an office and operations manager located in mainland China, we have close oversight of the projects we manage — leading to excellent quality control processes and the ability to quickly manage any production or compliance issues that may occur.

  Tariff and Tax Expertise

One of the biggest challenges to doing business with overseas suppliers is the complexity that local tariff trends, tax structures, trade wars, and unstable political climates can add to the global purchasing process. The NEI team stays on top of current issues daily — using gained knowledge to avoid roadblocks that could disrupt the supply chain. Our ability to navigate these types of challenges gives peace of mind to our customers.

  Full Transparency

A big advantage of partnering with NEI is that we offer full transparency of costs throughout the entire process. Customers pay an upfront fee for our services and pay their suppliers directly for goods produced. And there’s never an additional charge from NEI for managing unexpected issues that may enter the pipeline.